Placebo Syndicate Shop

Welcome to the Syndicate.

The online retail shop for Snake Oil Design Co Ltd, based in Atlanta.

Placebo Syndicate offers gifts and products designed by Snake Oil and a select network of artists, designers, and producers. Product offerings vary seasonally and by production run, ranging from:

  • design objects and snappy gifts;
  • lifestyle clothing such as t-shirts, hats, and accessories;
  • digital products such as typefaces, wallpapers, apps and even the occasional animated narrative short;
  • art prints, books, comic books and graphic novels;
  • and items from our creative professional friends that we just think are cool AF.

Our network includes gifted makers, visionaries, ne'er-do-wells, hucksters, prophets, charlatans, fast-talking subversives, slick urban professionals, earthy workaholic craftspeople, non-verbal revolutionaries and paradigm shifting futurists.

Consider yourself initiated.